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Recreational opportunities within Palos Verdes Estates consist of self-guided enjoyment of nature and the City’s passive parks. The City does not have a recreation department or offer formal programs.

Pedestrian pathways are found within the street medians on Palos Verdes Drive North between Via Valmonte and Malaga Cove Plaza and on Palos Verdes Drive West between the 1300 block and the south end of the City. Bluff top trails with ocean views are found between the 1300 block of Paseo Del Mar and the south end of the City. Beach access is available from the 300 block of Paseo Del Mar. Access is by walking (no vehicles) and the incline on this paved emergency access road is extremely steep.

Passive parks located within the City include Memorial Garden, Farnham Martin Park, Civic Center Park and Lunada Bay Plaza. Each park is less than one acre in size.

Youth Sports

Information about organized youth sports and club programs on the Palos Verdes Peninsula including baseball, basketball, football/cheer, soccer, softball and others can be found at


There are four recreation-related facilities in the City. Each operate on public property under separate concession agreements with the City.

While there are many services and programs at the facilities that are available to “members only”, each location also offers programs available to Palos Verdes Estates residents and guests. Click on the name for additional information on membership, programs and services for each facility.