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The Public Works Department oversees all projects and work occurring within the public right-of-way. For a comprehensive explanation of City right-of-way, definitions and responses to frequently asked questions, please review Right-of-Way - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's).

Wireless Telecommunications Facilities 

Capital Improvement Projects

Capital Improvement Projects such as street paving and storm drain construction are managed by public works staff. These projects are based on long-term plans, which prioritize and schedule projects throughout the City.

Public Works Permits

Public Works/Engineering Dept. Division Counter hours:  8:00 AM to 10:00 AM Monday through Friday, or by appointment only after these counter hours.

Permits are required for all excavation and/or construction in the public right-of-way. Most street right-of-way widths are not entirely paved, therefore property lines do not necessarily occur at the edge of the pavement. To determine the location of your front property line, and dimensions of the adjacent right-of-way, contact the public works department at City Hall or consult with a registered land surveyor. The following public works standards are available to download (PDF format):


All Dumpsters used within the City must be serviced by Athens Services. To order a dumpster please call 888-336-6100. All dumpsters located on the street are subject to a dumpster permit issued by Athens. 

Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP)

If City Hall is closed, for Sewer maintenance, call County Sanitation District dispatch at (626) 458-4357.

Street Sweeping

All residential streets within Palos Verdes Estates are swept once a month. Commercial areas are swept on a weekly basis. The City currently contracts with Athens Services for these services. To determine the day that your street is scheduled for sweeping, please refer to the street sweeping map:

Wide & Heavy Load Permits

Wide and heavy loads with destinations within the City are subject to wide and heavy load permits. Wide and heavy loads with destinations outside the City are not allowed to travel on City streets. A wide and heavy load permit may be downloaded below:


Questions related to any of these areas may be directed to Public Works staff at (310) 378-0383.

Public Works Department Presentation 10.10.16