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Community Lead Officer Program

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The PVEPD Community Lead Officer Program is organized to address quality of life issues for residents and businesses, over a long-term basis. The objective of this program is to provide a single point of contact for concerns including crime, traffic and other issues that may have an adverse impact on our residents. Through more direct communication, accountability, professional responsibility, and strategic utilization of our resources, the Community Lead Officer Program will provide more enhanced community policing activities. The Community Lead Officer Program is not a replacement of our current patrol services or the community policing activities that occur on a day-to-day basis.

The Community Lead Officer Program model adds to the day-to-day community policing activities conducted by officers while working their patrol and detective assignments. This model enables a more granular control of responsibility by incorporating all Corporal positions, allowing a geographically specific scope of monitoring and control of problem solving activities.  This model does not add personnel or resources, but rather provides a more efficient manner of responding to community issues.

This program is meant to supplement our patrol division and all calls for service, requiring immediate response to crimes that are occurring or which have recently occurred, should continue to be directed to 9-1-1 for emergencies and all other issues to the PVEPD dispatch center at (310)378-4211.


The Community Lead Officer Program operationally divides the City into four areas, which will include single and multi-family residential areas, commercial areas, and schools. An assigned Corporal, and various units within the department such as Traffic and Detectives, will be responsible for a geographic area and also to coordinate responses with other Community Lead Officer Program teams to address long-term issues impacting the quality of life for those who live, work and visit our community.


Below you will find a general description that outlines the various areas along with the assigned Community Lead Officer:

Malaga Cove /Monte Malaga –  Cpl. Kyle Shea

Lunada South/Margate-  Cpl. Ken Ackert

Lunada Bay North – Cpl. Aaron Belda

Valmonte - Cpl. Russell Venegas


Map_PV CLO Areas