Code Enforcement Process

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Messy site from fire damage

  • A complaint is received
  • Case is opened and tracked in Comcate (software system)
  • Officer schedules an inspection
  • If violation(s) is/are found, a Notice of Violation is issued giving the property owner an average of 14 days to comply.
  • After the granted due date, a second inspection will take place to verify compliance ; if the violation still exists, a Second Notice of Violation is issued, giving the property owner an additional 10 days to comply or file an appeal.
  • If necessary, a third inspection is completed after 10 additional days. If the violation still exist at this time there are several possible options:
    • The case can be forwarded to the City Attorney’s Office for further enforcement.   
    • An abatement warrant can be served to abate the violation(s)
    • An extension can be issued if there has been significant progress or effort by the property owner towards compliance.
    • Administrative Citation(s) issued to the property owner.  
  • Once all violations have been abated, the case will be closed. 

For more information, please contact Code Enforcement at 310.378.0383