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The following is provided from the Office of the City Manager as public information about City's activities, operations, services, programs, and projects.


A citywide newsletter is published quarterly.  The newsletter is mailed to residences and posted on the City website.

Weekly Reports

The Weekly Report presents updates on a variety of the City activities.   The report is updated and posted to the City website each Friday.  They typically include:

  • General matters of related to public affairs
  • Special events
  • Weekly crime reports
  • Public works projects updates
  • Committee and commission agendas and minutes

Matters of Community Interest

Occasionally, the Office of the City Manager publishes comments and background on current affairs related to City business.  

Latest News

Latest News provides the most current information posted by the City related to events and activities.  It includes notices, press releases, tips, reminders and posts for highlighting time sensitive news.


Please visit this webpage or register at for periodic updates to the news provided by City Manager Reports.  The information herein continually changes with new information, progress reports and updates.  

Please contact the City Clerk at or 310.378.0383 for questions.