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Slurry Seal Schedule

Post Date:01/03/2020

Attention Lunada Bay North and South Residents (Map):

The following streets are being slurry sealed next week (January 6-10):

  • Monday January 6, 2020
    •  Chelsea Road (Yarmouth to Via Bandini)
    • Paseo Del Mar/Via Caleta
    • Via Miguel
    • Via Pacheco (Via Anacapa to Paseo Lunado)
    • Via Rivera (Palos Verdes Drive West to Via Carrillo)
    • Via Victoria
  • Tuesday January 7, 2020
    •  Alley (Cloyden to Chiswick)
    • Chelsea Road (Epping to Yarmouth)
    • Chelsea Road (Paseo Del Mar to Margate)
    • Dalton Road Cloyden to Chiswick)
    • Via Alvarado
    • Via Carrillo (Via Rivera to Via Ventana)
    • Via Pacheco (Yarmouth to Via Anacapa)
  • Wednesday January 8, 2020
    •  Alley (Chiswick to Margate)
    • Chelsea Road (Via Bandini to Via Anacapa)
    • Via Bari
    • Via De La Guerra
    • Via Rivera (Via Carrillo to Via Mirola)
    • Via Segovia
    • Yarmouth Road
  • Thursday January 9, 2020
    •  Alley(Avon Road to End)
    • Avon Road
    • Paseo Del Mar (Via Anacapa to Palos Verdes Drive West)
    • Paseo Del Mar (Palos Verdes Drive West to Via Rivera)
    • Paseo Del Mar (Via Segovia to Via Oleadas)
    • Rivera Place
    • Via Buena
    • Via Estrada
    • Via Rivera (Via Victoria to End)
    • Victoria Place
  • Friday January 10, 2020
    •  Alleys (Via Alvarado to Via Anacapa)
    • Avenida Mirola
    • Dalton Road (Chiswick to Chelsea)
    • Rocky Point Road
    • Thorley place (Via Anacapa to Yarmouth)
    • Tyburn Road
    • Via Neve
    • Via Ventana

Letter to Residents

Slurry Seal Schedule - Week 1