Special Enforcement

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Training 1Special Entry Team

The Special Entry Team (SET Team) is comprised of Officers from the Department who undergo extended training in weapons and tactics. The SET Team responds to locations where high-risk entries are required. This includes serving felony arrest warrants and search warrants where the probability for dangerous confrontation or resistance is great.

Marine Unit

The City of Palos Verdes Estates is comprises of five miles of coastline. The shoreline is inaccessible to vehicular traffic, making it virtually impossible to provide any type of enforcement through traditional methods of patrol. The ocean off the Palos Verdes Estates coast has been regarded as one of the best fishing regions in California. Over the years, however, the region has been degraded substantially by poachers and litterbugs. In the 1980's, the local waters were abundant with abalone but poachers have completely eradicated the species from the region. Lobsters too were once bountiful. Now they are scarce. Sea urchins have been harvested to the verge of extinction in the area. Even sea snails, which are indigenous to our coast, have been nearly eliminated from our waters. Our particular species of sea snail is considered a delicacy in some cultures; therefore, they have been pilfered by the thousands. Finally, trash and debris routinely float to the shore where it creates habitat hazards in the tide pools.

Training 2In November of 1998, the Department purchased a 22' Boston Whaler with financial assistance from the community and the P.V.E. Police Officers Association. The members of the police department felt the board should have a name that would tie it to the community it serves. "Neptune" was chosen as a fitting name. The Neptune is based out of Redondo Beach Harbor. The Palos Verdes Estates Police Department Marine Patrol has the primary responsibility for the reduction of poaching. In addition to this, the Marine Patrol is responsible for the safe operation and use of marine lands and waters up to three nautical miles at sea. In that capacity, officers are responsible for enforcement of all laws and regulations relating to the operation of the waterways of the City of Palos Verdes Estates. As of January 1999, four officers have received extensive training from the Redondo Beach Harbor Patrol. This training included boat operation, water safety, water rescue and officer safety. We are also working towards ongoing training with the Department of Fish and Game.
Quad 1All Terrain Vehicle Unit

This City contains canyons and parkland areas that are not easily accessible in a patrol car. Patrol on All Terrain Vehicles will give the Department access to areas of the City that were previously unreachable.

K9 Program

The Palos Verdes Estates Police Canine Program provides a higher level of police response to better serve the community. The program also enables the development of preventive patrols as a deterrent to residential and commercial burglaries as well as other crimes.

Decreased assaults and injuries sustained during investigations and apprehensions, the promotion of public awareness, the reduction of required time for building and vehicle searches and the decline of other preventable crimes through high visibility patrolling can be attributed to the implementation of the crime program.