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Frequently Asked Questions


Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • ● Could voters approve a tax to build – or rebuild – the City’s reserve?

  • ● How much of the City’s reserve would be spent if the parcel tax is not extended and if there are no reductions in service level costs?

  • ● How much is in the City’s reserve?

  • ● If all property owners pay 1% of the assessed value of their property as property taxes, why do some cities receive fire and paramedic services from Los Angeles County without paying separately and / or more to the County?

  • ● What has been the average amount of tax increase each year? What happens when the City collects more funds than actual charges?

  • ● What is the purpose of the 6.2% cap in the ballot measure?

  • ● Why does PVE have a separate tax? How has it escalated compared to RPV?