Legislative Affairs

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The City tracks legislation with potential impacts to the City and periodically takes action either through a regional effort or on its own. The items below reflect where the City has taken action:

State Legislation
2017-2018 Legislative Session

Bill Number Author Topic Position Link to Letter and Date Sent
SB 1 Beall Transportation Funding Support SB 1 Support 01.17.17
SB 35 Wiener Affordable Housing; Streamlined Approval Process  Oppose SB 35 Oppose 08.14.17
SB 541             Allen             Stormwater Guidelines for Schools Support         SB 541 Support 04.11.17
SB 589 Hernandez  Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems   Support  SB 589 Support 04.11.17 
SB 649 Hueso Wireless Telecommunications Facilities Oppose & Veto

SB 649 Oppose 04.12.17
SB 649 Oppose 07.20.17
SB 649 Veto 09.22.17
SB 649 Thank You 10.16.17

AB 1180 Holden  Stormwater Permit Compliance Fund Support  AB 1180 Support 04.11.17 
AB 1250 Jones-Sawyer  Contracts for Personal Services Oppose AB 1250 Oppose 04.18.17

AB 1775


State lands: leasing: oil and gas

 Support  AB 1775 Support 05.08.18

 AB 1912


Public Employees' Retirement: JPA Liability


 AB 1912 Oppose 05.08.18


Residents wishing to express their opinion on the proposed legislation above can do the following:

  • Contact the author of the proposed legislation by clicking the hyperlink associated with the author's name above.
  • Contact local state elected officials that represent Palos Verdes Estates: