Adopt-a-Tree Program

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Palos Verdes Estates Challenges Residents to Adopt-a-Tree

Long known for its beautiful and serene environment, Palos Verdes Estates is slowly losing trees due to damage, disease, drought, old age and removal due to view impacts.  This year, the City is asking for our residents to work together in finding locations for trees to be planted along City streets.  The City’s Adopt-a-Tree initiative provides an opportunity for residents to request a designated street tree be planted in the parkway in front of their home.  Our goal is to plant 50 trees by April 27, 2018, in recognition of National Arbor Day.

Why does the City of Palos Verdes give trees away?

Palos Verdes Estates wants to maintain and enhance the urban forest throughout the community.  The City’s beautiful views are complimented by trees in our parklands and along city streets.  A City Tree Bank has been in place for many years to collect payments when the Parklands Committee and City Council authorize requests for public trees to be removed without replacement.  The City Tree Bank funds planting of trees throughout the year.  However, for more trees to be planted, we need to find residents who are willing to help care for the trees in their first years of life.

Why should you get a tree (or two)?

Urban forestry is as important to a home as it is to a community.  Trees increase property value and aesthetics.  Your yard will be friendlier to the environment since trees help with erosion control, air quality, reduce temperature, encourage outdoor activities and provide food and shelter for wildlife.  Best of all, the program is free to the homeowner, and City staff will install the tree(s) for you.  All the City asks is that you commit to the tree’s care and maintenance.  Each residence may receive up to two trees.

For more detailed information on the benefits from trees check the Arbor Day Foundation website at:

What kind of care does a tree need?

The most important care your tree(s) will need is regular watering for the first year following planting and during summer months.  After that, monitor your tree to determine supplemental watering.  With normal rainfall, as the trees roots grow and spread, the tree should have adequate moisture, but in the event of drought or dry conditions, supplement with occasional deep watering.

What kind of tree can I get?

The City has an approved list of designated street trees that identifies the appropriate tree(s) for each public street.  The City has carefully selected tree species that are appropriate to our climate and take into account views, neighborhood character, maintenance and resistance to insects and disease.  Click here to see the list of designated street trees. 

Anything else I need to know?

The Adopt-a-Tree sponsorship is easy.  Once the application is submitted, City staff will visit your residence to confirm the type of tree and location to be planted. Complete the application.

Trees will be available on a first come, first served basis until they are all “adopted.”