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Question: Can a Growth in Property Taxes Eventually Allow the Special Tax to be Eliminated if Spending is Carefully Managed?

Post Date:03/17/2017 1:23 PM


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question_mark Growth in property taxes will eventually allow the special tax to be eliminated if spending is carefully managed.

Rumor False. According to HdL Coren & Cone, the City’s property tax consultant, growth in property tax revenue is very limited by the requirements of Proposition 13 adopted by the voters in 1978. 

As a result of these limitations on growth in assessed value and fixing the City’s share of the 1% tax rate, property tax revenues are seldom able to keep pace with increases in operational expenses.  Unless there is a great deal of new development or annexation of additional territories, growth in property taxes, even over long periods, will not be able to fill a $4.8 million hole in the budget.  Based on the 1% tax rate under Prop 13 and the City’s 11.3% share of that tax rate, the addition of $10 million in new or added value will add $11,300 in revenue to the City’s general fund.  In order to add $4.8 million in new revenue that would replace the special tax, an additional $4.25 billion in value would have to be added.  


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